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United States The USDA website; Link
Nevada Link, then follow the Jump to 'Maps and factsheets' link. You may also try this direct link to the maps feature on Nevada Rare Plants Atlas
Wyoming Link and scroll down to penstemons, then click to see the maps

Here's the contents of an email from Steve Ciacco referencing an exciting mapping feature on Google Earth

Not knowing how many of you are "tech savvy" I decided to send this note to all of you. Attached below you will find an image that shows all of the White Pine County Penstemon specimens from the NYBG Intermountain Flora Virtual Herbarium. I created this by searching for Genus=Penstemon, State=Nevada, and County=White Pine on the virtual herbarium website. Once you have the results, you can download either a spreadsheet or a "kmz" file.

The "kmz" file can then be imported into Google Earth and the icons display as shown below. Not shown on the map are the "pop-ups" when you clik on an icon, which show the collectors name, collection number, location description, and latitude-longitude of the collection (which could be imported into a GPS unit from the spreadsheet).

I've also attached the kmz file to this message which you import by using the "Add Content" button under "My Places." If you don't have Google Earth, I highly recommend it. It's free and an incredible program even without the plant data. If you put it on a laptop and import this file, you will have your own virtual herbarium for the Penstemon of White Pine County (though you still need to have internet access since the program itself isn't actually installed on your machine. You can do this for any county within the area of the Intermountain Flora. There is a 1,000 record limit to the downloads, so you may have to limit your search in some way.

In general, it appears to work quite well. Only two of the specimens were grossly mislocated - the location information indicates they were collected 30 miles north of Ely but they appear far to the south in Lincoln and Clark Counties! And of course very few of the specimens had latitude-longitude info with them so almost all of the coordinates are estimated. This is offset by having the location information from the label in the pop-up. One other limitation to these data is that specimen/locality information for rare taxa isn't shown. The kmz file is below the image - free free to drop me a note if you need any help.

White Pines County Google Earth penstemon locations

Download the KMZ file

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