Penstemon arenicola


Penstemon Distribution


In this section the distribution and location of penstemon species is presented in five separate sections.


1. BY COUNTY AND STATE In this section penstemon species for each state and province in North America can be found. The penstemon species for all counties of the far western states of WASHINGTON, OREGON, CALIFORNIA, IDAHO, NEVADA, ARIZONA, MONTANA, UTAH, WYOMING, COLORADO AND NEW MEXICO can also be easily located. This feature may be extended to counties in other states in the future.


2. BY SPECIES The location of penstemon species by individual county in the eleven western states listed above can be found in this section. A link to a file of specific geographical locations for several features is also available in this section. Later we hope to have this information available on a searchable data base.


3. MAPS Links to maps featuring location of penstemons by state are shown in this section.


4. TRIP REPORTS A searchable area of trip report articles describing penstemon locations from a variety of areas are included here. Most of these articles are from earlier issues of the APS Bulletin.


5. Blog This section will provide the means to easily communicate information relating to the location of penstemon species by members.

If you have questions about distribution, please contact our Distribution Editor.